don’t ask me what I am going to do in five months.
i couldn’t tell you.
graduation intimidations
have got me wondering where the hell i’ll be at 80.
am i in any condition to graduate?
to leave Boone?
i live my life without fear
talk like rejection doesn’t exist
the only filter you’ll find is in my coffee
pot and yet—
I can’t even pretend to give you an answer.
I want to love, I want to get heartbroken,
I want to drink too many PBR’s at saloon bought with quarters from the laundry,
I want to stumble home with a smile on my face.
I want to send texts I’ll never remember and tweets I’ll never forget.
I want this life, right now
captured in a valencia filter on instagram.
don’t ask me what I’m doing tomorrow-
I couldn’t tell you.


21 and
feeling 1,000 years in an old folks home
this is what growing old feels like.
20 years and past my prime

what       will       become       of  me?

25 years and an alcoholic
30 years and finding Jesus—

we used to be        each  other’s         religions.

I prayed to you every night/
you worshipped me
until you began to question
everything you had been taught to believe
about me and I—
I was left head bent,
hands together
repeating the same words
every night before bed.


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You should be able to trust the people that mean something to you.

the only reason to watch Very Good Girls is for Elizabeth Olsen.

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caseyyy said: I'm going to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday in the dead of summer!! What makeup should I pack? What else should I pack? (don't be afraid to suggest the outlandish and practical)


Ooooh GIRL, I got you.

For day, I’d keep it simple:

-BB cream with SPF (I love the Maybelline Dream Fresh or the Garnier version…apply these with a foundation brush)

-A Waterproof Mascara

-An Undereye Brightener for hangovers

-Lip Balm with SPF

For NIGHT, go crazy! I’m going for some versatile but classic night looks: smoky eyes with neutral lip, bright lips with neutral eye, all while keeping in mind you probably want to bring a small makeup bag:

-Bright Lipstick

-Neutral Pinkish Lippie (I like MAC’s Creme Cup)..for some reason, nude pinkish is like, the prerequisite for girls in bandage dresses. I respect this tradition.

-A Smoky Eye Palette : I usually bring one eyeshadow palette on vacation. For Cheap: CoverGirl or Wet’n’Wild or ELF makes great ones, but look for something that has a neutral shadow  as well in case you want to keep your eye look simple for a night.

-A Metallic eyeshadow: for a quick pop on the inner corner or a super quick “i’m too drunk from pregaming to handle this.”

-Something with glitter (try NYX glitter liner) it is VEGAS and it is your BIRTHDAY.  A simple glitter eyeliner just adds a slight bit of oomph without being too “I’m 15 and I think glitter is still very important.” I love a silver or  gold on the inner corner.

-Fake Lashes: again it is VEGAS, so go crazy if you don’t have glasses

-Bronzer and a good fluffy brush. Keep in mind this looks mad sexy when dusted lightly on the chest and on the cheekbones. Just remember to blend or else it looks like dirt.

-A good eyeliner that couldn’t get off even if you wanted it to. Try MAC gel eyeliner, Kat Von D tattoo liner, or Rimmel Scandaleyes

-NARS Super Orgasm Blush: the sexiest blush in the world. Hands down. Totally worth the 30 bucks because my first one lasted me for 2 years.

-Foundation…you can use the BB cream but if there is ANY reason to wear nice foundation, it’s when you’re gonna be in a shit ton of pictures.

-Eyebrow shit: if you gonna have heavily madeup eyes, make sure you don’t forget the brows

-Setting Spray. Cuz you gonna sweat. And dance. And this will lock you in.

Don’t forget: good sunscreen, strong deodorant, Advil, at least 5 hair ties, loud jewelry and heavy duty makeup remover. Have fun, be safe, and go wild. 

AHHHHH the frenemy answered me!!!!!!!! and I knew she would provide the best answer. freaking out. 


A summer night spent on Skype.
We spoke in country accented dialect. His
midwestern, mine a bit of everywhere.
A sweet-tea southerner’s summer.
Freedom rang with 1 am
whiskey licked phone calls
talking until he did something, he’d be
too scared to say in the morning.
I could have sucked that marlboro smoke 
out of his political discourse; felt his smirk
underneath my bed sheets. The only distance
felt between us was a computer screen. 
The what-if’s never let me apologize
for that following sophomoric semester.
us from exploring a potential mistake.
But that sweet front porch summer
in me wishes
you were a drunk phone call away.



I feel like this should be pretty self-explanatory. I’m drawing these for a zine at my college (and they have a tumblr! lips-appstate.tumblr.com!), but submissions are due today, so they’re a bit more rushed than I would have liked.

I tried to be inclusive and not-shitty. Hopefully I succeeded at that. There are more of these I’d like to draw, but like I said, time limitations :P


7 a.m.,
April and Summer-like,
trying to remember how loneliness feels like


*need help with a metaphor*

This is my current LIPS submission although I hate the Our Bodies metaphor. Tell me what you think!!!
His body
was salted caramel.
Reigned of American Spirit.
Your finest bottle of six-dollar wine
I could have drank for hours.
I lost myself there.

My Body
was ripened fruit-
juicy peaches with the bruises hidden
underneath the pink, plump skin,
enjoying every last bite,nibbling me down to my core. 

Our Bodies
were your favorite song.
You know, the one that you grew sick of
hearing until
it came up months after.


Had coffee with a dear friend I haven’t seen in quite a while. It was very, very nice.

It was very nice, indeed. I hope to see you once again before graduation!!


Had coffee with a dear friend I haven’t seen in quite a while. It was very, very nice.

It was very nice, indeed. I hope to see you once again before graduation!!

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